What we do


This is our main playground – and also our all-time favourite.
You can come to us with a myriad of text types – let them be advocacy and campaigns resources, the content of your website, study reports and publications, media kits, eLearning tools or any other training materials.
Need your blog posts or social media shareables in five languages? The answer you are looking for is Littera. But if you have any type of articles, factsheets, toolkits, or if you are in need of a precise translation of your briefing papers, circulars, whitepapers, video scripts, meeting minutes, speeches, press releases, eBooks – we are still very happy to help.

We translate to and from English, German, French, Italian and Spanish – as well as Hungarian and Finnish.


“Go back to your work, again and again” (Boileau)
Yeah, we are into languages. Okay, REALLY into languages. But Littera’s translator team is essentially a bunch of people who have excellent writing skills in their native tongue. You know, the kind of kids who enjoyed Literature classes in high school and later on became proud grammar nerds and killer Scrabble-players.
So if you have some titivation work to do on your contents – let it be proofreading or editing, or you want any other kind of text-pampering to be done – we will polish it into a glowing gem.


Let there be Content!
You might have already figured this out, but we can not only translate, proofread or edit your texts… If you don’t have any yet, yes we can also create it for you!
Let’s imagine, for instance, that you have the outlines of the content you need, but you lack time, expertise or – let’s be honest – the mood to do it on your own, then we are here to help. Littera’s team has the passion as well as the knowledge to write exact, professional and yet enjoyable pieces of texts.

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